Welcome to HM’s Fantasy Sports

With the closing of HM, I thought the best way for all of our fantasy managers to be able to get the info that they need in order to draft and take their teams to the championships was to create a simple website.  This website will have all of our fantasy info for both the Football and Hockey leagues.  Not sure how often I will update it throughout the season, but I may do the Football recaps if they’re available.  For hockey, it may not get updated much at all since they don’t do recaps for it.  But, at least everyone will have a way to find all the league documents and previous standings and what not through this site.  I’m not a fan of using the league page to get info out to everyone, as its very limited… I think that this will help with getting that info to everyone.

So with that, enjoy the site, and let me know if you have suggestions on ways to make the site even better to make things easier on all of our managers.

HM's Fantasy Sports